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Rule 9: Avoid Multiple or Accumulator Bets Whichever market you wish to specialise in avoid multiples, accumulators or ‘parlays’ as they are known in the US. Combining the odds of multiple events looks attractive on paper but by increasing your possible win, you are at the same time lowering your statistical chance of ever seeing that win. Bookmakers absolutely love greedy gamblers blinded by the big numbers who surrender their statistical chance of winning from the start. If you cannot resist placing an accumulator bet and the whole thing is relying on the last event to fall in your favour then you are better off guaranteeing a smaller win by ‘laying off’ or ‘hedging’. Don’t sweat it out hoping to be lucky (and we definitely speak from multiple painful experiences here!). True betting is about cutting down the chances of losing, not increasing them. Any profit is good profit. Greed is not good.

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