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Rule 10: Donít Gamble Drunk All the casinos we have ever visited offer free alcohol when you are gambling because they want you to lose your discipline, and they know that getting you drunk is the easiest way to do it (mineís a Bombay Sapphire, chilled tonic and a slice of lime; no ice please!). As the saying goes, ďA fool and his money are easily partedĒ. A drunk fool is relieved of his money even faster and sometimes never realises how stupid they have been. For any serious gambler stupidity should hurt mentally and/or physically to serve as a lesson. We can absolutely guarantee that every punter has acted without forethought at one stage or another: this is only natural and all part of the very steep learning curve. Please understand that all gambling establishments rely on the stupidity and greed of their clientele for their business livelihood.

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  1. Itachi Uchiha

    Awesome matches.

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    Prediction is good when you keep winning without understanding anything.

    • Kakashi Hatake

      My best site, so amazing

      • Mr. Israel

        I am ugandan from the east. Thank you guys.

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